Helping People Get Comfortable Online

You or someone you know is probably reluctant to use the internet, especially for shopping. This web site was created for you.

Using Personal Information Online

If you know someone who is online but is afraid to enter any personal information, you have probably tried to convince them that the internet is not such a bad place. However, you can't seem to get them past their concern that something bad is going to happen. You tell them the internet offers a lot of opportunities that can't be found elsewhere. For example, when it relates to shopping, there are many ONLINE ONLY deals that can't be found in stores. However, every time you encourage them to try shopping online, another bad news headline comes out that scares them off.

We have put together an article called How to Shop Safely that might help them put everything into the appropriate perspective. Read it yourself first and then forward it on to your friend. Together, let's try to convince them it is just as OK to use personal information online as it is at the store, over the phone, or anywhere else.

Convincing Someone to Use the Internet

If you know someone (probably a parent) who is afraid to use the internet, they probably say it's over their head and it's too late to learn. On occasion they might be open minded enough to let you teach them a couple things to see if they can try it out. However, they soon forget the lessons you taught them. You finally lose your patience, especially if you are helping them over the phone, when after the 10th time they ask you, "Do I use one-click or two-clicks on the mouse" or "I don't see that screen anymore. I don't know where it went.".

Let us be your resource to finally help them grasp the basics. We've put together a 12-lesson Internet Help for Beginners program. It's free. Better yet, the lessons are accessible from every page on this web site. So, if they have to ask "Do I use one-click or two-clicks on the mouse", they can use the drop down list in the far right column to find the answer. They don't have to feel bad about calling you again to ask the simple questions. Once they get comfortable with the basics, they can move on to additional lessons they will need to become more adept at using the internet such as Internet Security for Beginners, and Advanced Lessons for Experienced Users. Together, we can get them past their reluctance to use the internet.

What Else Does ShopWithTrust Provide?

Find all of your favorite retailers on one web site.
No more searching and no more need to remember the web addresses of the stores you like.

Shop with the stores you trust.
There are thousands of online merchants. We keep things simple by only listing the retailers you have come to trust at your local mall and shopping center.

Shop from the convenience of home.
Save on gas and avoid the parking hassles and the crowds. This is especially important for those of us who experience mobility challenges.

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Good Luck

Our goal is to make you comfortable using the ever expanding internet. We especially want to reach out to online beginners and let them know it is not too late to get started. Think of a family member or friend who may find this web site helpful and forward it to them today. We wish you Good Luck and an Enjoyable Journey on the Internet. provides easy access to trusted retailers. We keep things simple for you by only listing stores with a long history of name recognition. We would like to be your one stop source for online shopping with stores like Macy's, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy. Thank You and Best Wishes.

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