Internet & Computer Advice for Experienced Users

So, you have finished our tutorials on Internet Help for Beginners and Internet Security for Beginners and now you are ready to improve upon those skills. This is when the fun begins. Learn how to find things online that will get you excited, make new friends in online communities, see distant friends and family on web video, create shortcuts to save time, and more. Stay up-to-date on new lessons by signing up for our Newsletter or RSS Updates.

* Improve Your Internet Browsing Experience
* Participate in Online Communities
* Improve Your Desktop or Laptop Computer Experience
* Improve Your Computer's Performance

Improve Your Internet Browsing Experience

Google Search Tips
Improve your Internet Search Results with these shortcuts.

Use Google's Advanced Search features
Are you having a hard time finding a web page with the information you are looking for?

Download Free Toolbars for your Web Browser
Quickly access useful features, such as a dictionary, while surfing the internet.

Create Your Customized 'Newspaper' Using RSS
RSS is the easiest way to stay informed on your favorite topics.

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Participate in Online Communities

Spend Time with Family & Friends Using Instant Messaging
Have video conversations, play games, and send friendly nudges to anyone in the world, for free!

Build Your Own Online Community
It only takes 5 minutes to set up a free web site community with Wetpaint!

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Improve Your Desktop or Laptop Computer Experience

Create Desktop Shortcuts
Are you tired of searching for a document or program you use frequently on your computer?

Change Your Computer's Background Picture
Start enjoying your own pictures!

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Improve Your Computer's Performance

Check the Speed of Your Internet Connection
Are you getting your money's worth from your Internet Service Provider? Have you taken steps to improve the speed of your web page downloads?

Find Your IP Address
What are they and why do I have one?

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Good Luck

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