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Serving customers since 1994, Amazon.com has become one of the most widely recognized internet shopping destinations. Starting off as an online bookstore, Amazon now offers anything you would find in a department store.

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Blockbuster Total Access

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Get 50% Off Your Movie Rentals! - Go online with the largest chain of DVD rentals serving customers since 1985. Today's customers demand speed and convenience and Blockbuster is the only movie rental company that can provide both. With Total Access from Blockbuster, you can pick up and drop-off your movies through the mail and at your local store. Access over 80,000 movie titles on the Blockbuster web site. You can check out up to 3 movies at a time, which will be delivered to you for FREE within 2 business days. You can then mail them back for FREE or return them to your local store. There's no deadline for returns and NO LIMIT on the number of exchanges you can make through the mail. As an added bonus, if you can't wait up to two business days for mail delivery, you can make up to 5 FREE exchanges with your local store each month. The Total Access Membership only costs $19.99 / month. For the same price as you currently spend renting 4 movies in a month, you can rent 5 movies from your local store and get unlimited online access to over 80,000 movie titles. What better deal can you get? Well, try the program now and get 50% off your first month. Enjoy the movies!

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