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Are you someone who likes to cut to the chase? If so, you are probably tired of some web sites that have fancy home pages filled with videos, ads, and about 100 other features in an attempt to win themselves a web site design award.

If you want to avoid the fancy features and find what you are looking for fast, look for a web site's site map, often written as one word -- sitemap. A sitemap is a listing, usually sorted alphabetically or by special category, of all pages on a company's web site. There is nothing fancy on a sitemap.

If a web site has a sitemap, you will find a link to it on all of the pages. It is usually at the bottom of the page in a footer or at the bottom of a side column. On rare occasion, you will find it along the top of the web page. Once you find it, bookmark it as a favorite web page. Then, you'll never have to visit their graphics laden home page again. Or, you can just bookmark this web page since we have already identified retailers that provide good sitemaps and put them all in one location for you.

Sitemaps for Stores (Listed Alphabetically)

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