California Hands Free Cell Phone Law

Starting July 1st, 2008, all drivers in California, including visitors, must adhere to California's new cell phone law for drivers.

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Drivers under the age of 18 may not drive while using a cell phone nor are they allowed to drive while using a hands free cell phone device.

Drivers 18 years of age and older may not drive while holding a cell phone. However, they may use a hands free cell phone device while driving. They may also use the speakerphone feature instead of a hands free device.

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A violation of the hand-free cell phone law is a reportable offense and can incur fines up to $50. This law is not restricted to secondary violations. Drivers can be pulled over for breaking California's hands free cell phone law despite honoring all other California driving laws.

Hands Free phones may only cover one ear. Learn more about the California hands free law from the DMV's Frequently Asked Questions page. Also, view the list of states that impose hands free cell phone laws.

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