Click on Hyperlinks to Visit Another Web Page

Look for words and phrases on the web page that are blue and underlined.

Read the following sentence that we have placed in quotes and take note of the word or phrase that is different from all of the other text around it: "After you learn this lesson on clicking a hyperlink, we recommend you read our article on using the Back Button."

You will notice that the word 'Back Button' sticks out from the rest of the text because the text is blue and it is underlined. This blue and underlined text is called a hyperlink. Now, move your cursor over the hyperlink. Did you notice that the words become highlighted in blue, while the text changes to white? If not, move your mouse over it more slowly and stop when the words become highlighted. Notice that the cursor you control with your mouse has changed into a hand with the index finger pointed out over the highlighted text.

All of these signs (blue text, underline, highlight, and index finger) are used to let you know a hyperlink exists. You use a hyperlink, by left-clicking on it, to visit a new web page. The new web page will discuss more detail about the word, phrase, or topic that is hyperlinked. Now is a good time to become more comfortable using hyperlinks. Test out your skill by visiting our next article about the Back Button. The Back Button web page will explain how you return to this web page so you can learn some final tips on using hyperlinks.

Not all Hyperlinks are Blue Links

Most web sites use blue text to signal a hyperlink exists. Some sites will make hyperlinks more obvious, like we have done, by underlining the text and making it become highlighted when you move your cursor over it with your mouse. However, don't be surprised when you come across a web site that uses colors other than blue. Some use multiple colors to provide some color variation. The one way to confirm that a word or phrase is a hyperlink to another web page is to move your cursor over the potential hyperlink. If you see the cursor change into a hand with a pointed index finger, it confirms that it is a hyperlink.

Pictures and Images can also be Hyperlinked

You will often notice the cursor changes into a hand with pointed index finger when you move it over a picture or image. This too is a hyperlink. It may open a web page that has a larger image of the same picture or provide more information about the image.

Wal-Mart banner linkFor example, when you visit our shopping web pages, you will see images of popular store banners. Clicking on the banner will open the web page for that retailer in a new web browser window. If you read our lesson on the Back Button, which we recommended earlier in this article, you will know the difference between opening a 'new' web browser window, which will occur when you click on the Wal-Mart image, and opening a new web page in the 'current' web browser window. If you do not know the difference, be sure to visit it now. Otherwise, go ahead and practice clicking on the Walmart banner we have placed next to this paragraph.

That ends this lesson on using hyperlinks. Now you know to keep your eyes open for hyperlinks when you visit web pages. If you run into any trouble using hyperlinks, you can always come back to this article by using our 'Quick Access for Beginners' drop-down list in the right column of each page. The drop-down list provides a link to all of the Beginners Lessons. Javascript required.

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