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The Menu Bar and the Address Bar typically appear at the top of your web browser. In the image below, you will see the Menu Bar below the Address Bar, which we studied in Lesson 6. The Menu Bar has the titles 'File', 'Edit', 'View', 'Favorites', 'Tools', and 'Help'.

Image of menu and address bars

In Microsoft's newest web browser, Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), the menu bar is hidden by default. To unhide the Menu Bar, right click on the yellow stars below the Address Bar. A drop-down menu will open where you can left click on 'Menu Bar'. The drop-down menu will disappear and the Menu Bar will now be available for you to use.

The various web browser programs each use slightly different words in their Menu Bars. The functions provided by these menus are very similar. To access the functions, left click on a Menu Bar title to access a drop-down menu for that title. Several of the lessons provided by will instruct you to open one of the drop-down menus from the Menu Bar. Take a few minutes to start becoming familiar with the options that are available on these drop-down menus.

That ends this lesson on accessing features with the Menu Bar. If you had any trouble with accessing the drop-down menus, you will learn more about drop-down lists in Lesson 10. You can always come back to this article by using our 'Quick Access for Beginners' drop-down list in the right column of each page. The drop-down list provides a link to all of the Beginners Lessons. Javascript required.

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