Add Toolbars to Your Web Browser

A toolbar provides features along the top of your web browser that you can easily access while you are surfing the web. Toolbars are useful for quickly accessing resources such as search engines, online dictionaries, games, or alerts for incoming email messages. As an example, let's say you are surfing the internet and find a word you want to look up in a dictionary. Instead of taking the time to find a dictionary on your bookshelf or searching for an online dictionary, all you have to do is highlight the word and click on your dictionary toolbar. A new screen will pop-up with the definition.

Activating and Hiding Toolbars

Select 'View' from your web browser's menu bar . Then select 'Toolbars' to see the list of available toolbars that have been downloaded to your computer. Some toolbars automatically come with your Internet Browser Software . Other popular toolbars that you can download for free are listed below.

If there is a checkmark next to the toolbar, it means the toolbar is already available on your web browser. If there is not a check next to it, it means the toolbar is currently hidden from use on your web browser. To activate (check) or hide (uncheck) a toolbar, left click on the toolbar noted in the drop-down list of available toolbars. The list will disappear after you click on one of the toolbar names. That toolbar will then either be activated or hidden at the top of your web browser. You can repeat these steps to activate or hide another toolbar.

Popular Toolbars

Downloading free toolbars is easy. Click on the links we have provided below. Look for the download button. Once you left-click on the button, follow the instructions. Sometimes you are required to accept a terms of usage agreement. Sometimes you are required to close and reopen your web browser. And, sometimes you must follow the steps we listed above to 'activate' the toolbar. However, it should usually take no more than a couple minutes to download and start using the toolbar. So, try it out.

Multiple Feature Toolbars
The following toolbars have numerous features. If you have an email account with any of the following providers, you will likely want to choose the toolbar for that provider. If you do not have a preference for any of the following providers, we recommend Windows Live Toolbar since we find it the easiest one to use with a wide variety of features. You can also choose to use all of the toolbars.

Windows Live Toolbar
Yahoo! Toolbar
Google Toolbar
AOL Toolbar
Comcast Toolbar
Verizon Toolbar
AT&T Toolbar

Specialized Toolbars
Merriam-Webster Toolbar - Dictionary & Thesaurus
eBay Toolbar - eBay auction alerts
Mapquest Toolbar - Maps, Directions, & Yellow Pages
StumbleUpon Toolbar - Find random web sites in topics of interest
Dogpile Toolbar - White pages, yellow pages, and searches all major search engines.

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